New Writers


Being an unpublished writer, seeing new writers published is very important to me. And that’s why I Intern at Riptide, a short fiction journal that is dedicated to publishing new writers’ short stories and poems. The editors and interns have worked very hard, for free, to see the new volume published – “Carpe Diem”, a collection of short stories on seizing the day. A great, energetic collection, full of emerging and established writers, that has been reviewed impartially by Jackie Law.

But we are only a small publication. We have big ideas, big plans to help publish more new writers and preserve short fiction, but no external funding. We are entirely self-funded – we don’t make a profit, but we just want to pay our great writers. So we started a crowdfunding project, in order to ensure we carry on doing the work we have done for years and support our writers. There are great rewards for donating, especially if you’re an avid reader and/or a lover of short stories. Any amount helps ensure that short fiction remains current in today’s thinning publishing market.

I am committed to people getting work published for the first time. If you donate any amount, I will add you to an exclusive mailing list that will let you know the theme of the next volume of Riptide a week before everyone else – giving you an advantage in getting your submission in first. We received over 500 submissions last time, and we only want more. Thank you.



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